Less Trouble In Amiga Land
2018-05-14 9:56:43 PM
After some months of trouble with my Amiga 1200 I've changed motherboard from rev 2B to 1D.4 and fixed my keyboard(s). The relationship between motherboard and Apollo 060 turbocard seems to be atleast better than before and random reboots while idle is gone. A mm of Keyboard ribbon have been carefully cut away with a sharp scalpel and all keys work.

A1200 Keyboard
2017-04-18 4:04:43 AM
Got a keyboard replacement for my Amiga 1200 yesterday. All keys working again! Thanks Creep^Latex for the visit! A mix of white and a little yellow-ish keycaps, but cleaner whan mine well lived from 1992. Style-ish! :D

A site logo
2017-01-15 3:15:39 PM
Have made a logo "Piratkopia" for my friend Creep:s homepage. Got me some time to practise basic penstrokes on paper first which was fun. Head over to :) It's in swedish, but there always Google translate!

Clean up
2016-12-11 8:32:58 PM
Have tweaked and changed the site visually here and there... Alot of trix again hoping to get the site viewable on various new/mid/old -school and even wierd geek-ish browserrrs :) Still thinking of change the gallery sections. Time will tell...

Life after Facebook
2016-11-16 12:54:17 PM
Yep, I've deleted my Facebook account for real. My second time :)

More 8 bit stuff
2014-07-23 1:14:58 AM
Added new C64 section of charsets I've done over the years.

Web browsers vs IE
2013-11-13 11:26:47 AM
Have fixed a major cosmetic disaster. Site is viewable in Internet Explorer again. Smaller update on Info Computer section is done. Still things to come.

2013-09-18 11:46:02 PM
Have done some updates under the Info section :) AND my old Winamp skins can be downloaded again.

Slowly getting back.
2013-08-15 12:14:59 AM

Rebuilding Lunix Home!